SketchCrawling Vol1 – sold out

Congratulations go to my little SketchCrawling book, the first volume is officially sold out. Stuart Ng who’s been selling these for me was asking for more copies, but I realized I am all out. So there you have it, 500 or so of these are out there in the world … frolicking … or gathering dust on your shelves. Reprint? Maybe some day. In the meantime if you can’t wait for the Venice Chronicles to make it out there, Stuart still has plenty of volume 2!

SketchCrawling 1

7 Responses to “SketchCrawling Vol1 – sold out”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. cc Says:

    Please reprint – I am too slow to order ontime! Or maybe a SketchCrawl Anthology?

  3. Lee-Roy Says:

    When did you release this one?

  4. Enrico Says:

    eh eh …

    cc- not a bad idea …

    Lee-Roy- I published sketchcrawling 1 a couple of years ago … Volume 2 last year.


  5. Donal Says:


    Patiently awaiting Vol. 3: The Venice Chronicles.

    BTW, Enrico, your sketchcrawling comic was a huge inspiration on my vacation last week. (along with Harvey Kurtzman and Charles Shultz and a SVA homework assignment) I went to Kentucky and during my trip to Cave City I did a few comics and sketchcrawls.

    Similar simple style, but remove the Japanese influences and replace them with Charles Shultz influences.

    So, when’s the next WorldWide Sketchcrawl?

  6. Jacob Says:

    Noooooo! reprints of Mia! I want those books!

  7. Enrico Says:

    Donal- working on it … :)
    Good to hear you were inspired to journal and sketchcrawl away …
    the next sketchcrawl it’s actually this saturday !

    Jacob – did you say Mia ????!!!!!
    must … do … a Mia sketch …