I love Muji

I passed at the Muji store in Milano a couple of weeks ago and ended up doing some serious shopping. I just love their design, I could easily buy half the store whenever I visit one in Japan or Italy. Luckily my luggage won’t fit a Muji foldable bike. But here’s the nice new watch I got from them, really wonderful simple design. I know there’s plans for a New York store … I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Muji world to land in SF too :)

5 Responses to “I love Muji”

  1. blauereiter Says:

    My bed and book shelf are both from Muji. :]

  2. Mushie Says:

    Oui, Muji is awesome, all my pens and pads sport Muji’s brilliant rectangle moniker in the corner – their umbrella is ace to, super light!

  3. Enrico Says:

    blauereiter- eh eh … excellent ! :)

    Mushie- yah, their sketchbooks are really great … I bought several of their new little “passport sketchbooks” … very cute …

    has anyone ever ordered online from them from the US ?


  4. Agreda Says:

    Hahaha! First thing I check before traveling is if there is any Muji shop in my destination. :-)

  5. Enrico Says:

    eh eh … great to hear from you Agreda! and glad to hear you’re also a Mujiaddict !