I am off !

So here I am all packed and ready. Gonna be on vacation for a month! Italy mostly and a bit of Greece too. Gonna read books, swim in the mediterranean, visit the Biennale in Venice, relax away and just plain enjoy life in my “new state”. ;)
I am gonna miss the San Diego Comic-Con this year, but I am sure we’ll be there next year (with a nice HardCover book of the Venice Chronicles perhaps). So have a great July and a great comic-con for those of you going, see you all back in August !!

19 Responses to “I am off !”

  1. Pascal Says:

    Enjoy this well-deserved holiday Enrico!
    I’ve been careful not to read any page of your comic until it was finished, I have all 124 pages to discover now!

    Take care.

  2. Jacob Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I was just gonna ask you for a little story behind your drawing skills and such and then I see this post… puh…

    Anyway, congratulations on your marriage.

  3. j2 Says:

    Have fun!
    Don’t forget to bring your camera and sketchbook!

  4. Clio Says:

    Bon voyagee Enrico!!

  5. blauereiter Says:

    Have a great time。:] いってらしゃい!

  6. John Hoffman Says:

    A late congratulations is in order, but a congratulations none the less.

    So um, ahem… CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Great ending to the Venice Chronicles. Fantastic work. Hope to see it published some day.

    Have a great vacation.

  7. Donal Says:

    A month vacation? Egads, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I had a month of relaxing and free time.

    Then again … being a newlywed, you shouldn’t have a problem.


  8. Chris Battle Says:

    A hardcover collected edition????


  9. andreas Says:

    best wishes from me too
    the comic is a great read and truly wonderful.

    AND one of the nicest love story’s ive read in a long time =)

  10. Toby Says:

    just started reading your chronicles. fantastic so far!

  11. LitPark Says:

    Have a great time. Looking forward to seeing what you draw there. Sue

  12. Andreas Says:

    Shoot, I was looking forward to seeing you again this year at Comic-Con, and maybe getting my Mia issue #1 signed. A trip to Italy and Greece is far better than stinky crowded Comic-Con. I will look for you next year, and I should have some money saved up to buy some books. :) Enjoy the well deserved trip!

  13. Nathalie Says:

    Hope you’re enjoying the hot weather here…
    While you are gone I saw this sliver of review for ratatouille:
    I thought a little nice feedback would be a good thing to find in your in-tray when you come back…

  14. Aymeric Says:

    Love your drawing and watercolor!
    you might have already ear it
    but it’s just feel good to say it.

    Peace in Europe!

  15. Enrico Says:

    Wow, thanks so much for the outpour of support !!
    I am sooo glad you all seem to enjoy the Venice Chronicles … can’t wait to get it out there in book form …

    I am in Genova now … after the whirlwind of wedding celebrations and showing friends around it’s starting to get a little quieter. Been such a wonderful time …
    We’re gonna head in a few days to a small island in Greece for a week … then back to Venice for the last leg of our trip at the beginning of August …

    Not much drawing done … could use the break I guess … looking forward to get to finish reading a couple of books I have … lot’s of thinking about possible new projects too … exciting quiet time … the needed rest before action …

    A big hug to you all …


  16. 4ojos Says:

    Buon viaggio y no pases mucho calor

  17. matt Says:

    Congratulations, Enrico! It’s really great – looking forward to the book.

    And, man, I’m envious of the trip. I have to schedule something like that for myself … and soon before I melt down…

  18. Lee-Roy Says:

    Well, I’ve been aware of this post for a while, but want to add my congratulations on your marriage! Sounds like a great vacation/honeymoon, too! I recently got engaged, myself. In May. We’re planning to get married sometime next summer. We’ve entertained the idea of going to a tiny island in Greece for our honeymoon, among other things. Or maybe just a future vacation some other time. May I ask, what is this tiny island you went to?

  19. Enrico Says:

    I am back ! Just got back to SF … what a month … a little internet break felt good too …

    4ojos- muchas gracias

    matt- thanks Matt and yes breaks, hiatus, vacations … what would we do without them … they don’t only recharge our batteries but they also really put life in perspective …

    Lee-Roy- thanks ! Congrats to you too. I went to Tinos, a really nice island close to Mikonos … I’ll post some photos soon I am sure … it’s way quieter than Mikonos, which especially in July and August is way too busy … I’ve heard amazing things about numbers of islands around there, like Santorini, Naxos and so on … if I went there in off season I’d probably go to those …