The last steps …

Scanning the last pages today … uploading as I go … almost there !!

Update- just added page 109 and 110. Cliffhanger time I guess … for you and perhaps for me ?

our apartment

12 Responses to “The last steps …”

  1. john Says:

    I really don’t want this to end… thank you enrico

  2. Donal Says:

    1. You have a loft apartment!? I hate you.

    2. argh! cliffhanger, and a GOOD one! You suck!

    3. Not really. Great pages. Looking at your 24hr comicrawl from a couple years ago and these new pages. Wow, your watercolors have really developed.

  3. Enrico Says:

    John- thanks man … I’ll milk it till tomorrow then … ;)


    1. loftish … not quite a loft … but I love it and yes I am pretty lucky …

    2. eh eh … check now, there’s 2 more pages … even worse perhaps …

    3. Oh really ? Interesting I should go back look at those … it kind of makes sense, it takes me more time to do these now … probably put a little more into it …

    cool …


  4. john Says:

    :0 GOOD LUCK!!

  5. innocentgirl Says:

    Hey Enrico, Very nice pad!
    Found you through my buddy at Halcyon Realms… love your storyboards, I have just been pouring over them (and avoiding my own work;-)) over at Flickr and your colouring, expression, everything is just gorgeous.
    I am a freelance illustrator who used to live in Japan but returned home to Australia, I know just how it feels to be torn between countries. I sent your Flickr address to my Dad too who lives for anything Italian or art (making them perfect!) and it made his day.

  6. cK Says:


    Are the empty sake bottles the ones that I gave you? You have to check out the “Joy of Sake” which is coming to Moscone center in late Aug to sample the sake. My sake collection is low because I lost my Japanese contact but I DO have a killah single malt collection that you must try.


  7. Val Says:

    Gosh…Congratulations in advance (thinking positive here)! And thanks for sharing all this with everyone. Amazing stuff.

  8. Sandra Khoo Says:

    Dang! Wish my sketches were as good as this!
    And something else I’d like to enquire,Enrico. Is your friend Tadehiro aware about this?

  9. blauereiter Says:

    Absolutely beautiful work Enrico. :] Maybe you’ve already mentioned this somewhere on your blog or someone’s already asked, but are you getting this published as a book ?

    Oh, and I realized you have Innocentgirl as a fan now too ! :]

  10. sethro Says:

    hi enrico. i ran across your venice chronicles randomly a few months back, and i’ve been watching the story ever since. i’m totally a fan. i just happened to check back to see the progress today! way to take the plunge!

    really nice work. i especially like the dance and venice sketches mixed in with the comic pages. anyway, like i said, i’m a fan. good luck.

  11. Enrico Says:

    John- thanks …

    Innocentgirl- glad you found this blog! Nice to meet you! Thanks for your kind words. You seem to have a really interesting carreer, hope all is going well in Australia for you. Thanks for passing on my url to your dad … very cute! :)

    cK- some of them yes ! Ohhh, sake tasting … me likes that.

    Val- thanks Val!! :)

    Sandra Khoo- I don’t think he does … I’ll forward it to him …

    Blauereiter – I plan to shop it around a few publishers … if I don’t get bites (given it’s a bit of a strange beast: a travelogue/graphicNovel/sketchbook kind of a ting ) then I’ll just self publish it … as always …

    Sethro- Eh eh, thanks man, as you can read now I didn’t quite take the plunge with the comic … it was indeed my intention to try and do that, propose through the comic … but the timing didn’t work … since I really wanted and did propose more than 6 months ago, the comic wasn’t anywhere close to where it needed to be … and I wanted it to be the ending … so I went for this solution … :)


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