Chapters !!!

Two new Venice Chronicles pages and a whole new addition: chapter pages! I am having a lot of fun making these … more to come through out the comic.

chapter 2 venice chronicles

And here’s the last watercolor from Venice … the Chronicles are coming to an end.

laguna di venezia

11 Responses to “Chapters !!!”

  1. Donal Says:

    Please say this is going to get published soon after you’re done?

  2. Enrico Says:

    I am gonna look for a publisher once I have it all together and if I can’t find one I’ll just self-publish it as always … a nice hardcover book and all … :)


  3. Donal Says:

    ooh – hardcover.

    BTW, I just recently bought Sketchcrawl Vol 2 from stuartng books. Is that your signature in book? Cause it looks like it was actually signed, and not part of the layout.

  4. Enrico Says:

    yesh! Hardcover is a must for this baby … :)

    And yes that’s me signature! signed them all before giving them to Stuart.


  5. cK Says:


    Well, your watercolor from Venice is just not fair because it is so darn beautiful. You officially changed your name to Enrico “Casanova” from your earliest post of romantic B-day musing. Now, this amazing post of beautiful Plein Air watercolor. More than a book, we need some of your magic elixir so some creativity can rub off.


  6. Gerald Says:

    So fresh and appealing, with that unique sense of humor ! I can’t wait to read it (may be in french some day) !

  7. cata Says:

    Hello from Italy:
    Your watercolor from Venice is gorgeus!
    I enjoy all your blog!
    Cata, drawing apprentice.

  8. Clio Says:

    Beautiful ending picture, and I’ve love to read your Venice story on paper!

  9. Enrico Says:

    Thanks Gerald.

    Cata- Grazie!

    Clio- Thanks, the comic is not quite over yet though … a few more pages to go … :)


  10. Michael Daley Says:

    Enrico, these are great. I really like your style and the light, easy storytelling.

  11. Enrico Says:

    cK- thanks man … glad you like the last watercolor … eh, I think I’ll keep the “rosa” in my name though … ;)

    Michael – Thanks, appreciate !