Sento Art: Public Bath House Paintings

I enjoyed reading this nice article on I love sento baths, when traveling around Japan it was always such a treat to find one in the evening after a long they of walking. It’s a hard truth but Public Bath Houses are closing all around Japan, there isn’t much of a need for them anymore … really sad.


4 Responses to “Sento Art: Public Bath House Paintings”

  1. blauereiter Says:

    I have one located conveniently beside my house, but I’m ashamed to say I’ve never used it once for the 2 years I have been here. Maybe I should check it out one day. :]

  2. Reinita Says:

    Hello Enrico!

    I am in Japan now (well, I am Japanese) and yes, it is sad to see some old traditions fading away. I love onsen (温泉)and I love public baths (銭湯)
    I emailed you because I happened to read your comment on the movie Volver, Talk to her, etc – I actually just wrote somethine on Volver on my blog because in Japan, Volver is going to be in theatres starting from tomorrow (tonight late at night, in Roppongi)!
    Also because I read your comment on being between 3 countries. Me too, although I am Japanese by nationality, I have lived in the U.S (including San Francisco) for 15 years, and also been drawn to Italy (where I homestayed in Firenze for 6 months), and so I appear Japanese, and talk like an American, but latin in heart.
    Now, I am taking flamenco so I am more Spanish then Italian, but I think there is always an attraction between Italian or Spanish and Japanese cultures, so different in many ways, but I think so the same in many ways. That is why in Japan, Italian and Spanish cultures are highly admired and loved, and I saw the same in Italy. Culture and art are borderless I guess!

  3. IRene Says:

    That’s sad….I remember I even “swim” in the public baths when I was very young (bad example…= =) At less there still many hot spring exist, i love hot spring(溫泉)too.

  4. Enrico Says:

    Blauereiter- time to try it ! :)

    Reinita- thanks for sharing your experience ! I love onsen as well.
    I am surprised to hear Volver is coming out only now in Japan, sounds good though, is it being received well ?

    Irene- swimming ? wow, eh eh, cool.