Ratatouille opens …

This is an exciting day for many of us … and hopefully for many of you. Can’t wait to see how the world responds to Ratatouille. Anyway, to celebrate opening day, here’s a little animation test some of you might not have seen yet.

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  1. Donal Says:

    I saw a sneak preview of Ratatouille on the 16th, and it was PACKED. During the movie not one kid in the theater was making noise, and immediately after when the lights came up I overheard several kids say “I wanna see that again!”

    I’ve been so jazzed to see it again my wife has gotten annoyed with me talking about it. It was so amazingly sweet and endearing. You love every single character within their first 2 lines, you even love the ones you’re supposed to hate. A lot of the gestures and character animation made me think of old school cartoons with squish. Stuff from Tex Avery. Then again, CARS reminded me of Tex Avery’s THE CAB FAMILY, so maybe Pixar just has a huge fondness for Tex.

    I noticed a few scenes you worked onbased on the art book. They looke great, and everyone laughed during them. What other scenes did you get?

  2. blauereiter Says:

    “Not final animation” ? …

    Amazing stuff.

    Unfortunately, those of us who are in Japan will have to wait a little longer before we can catch it. :[

  3. Nathalie Says:

    That’s wonderful.
    I wonder if it will ever get to Rome (and if it does in what state, I am not too fond of dubbed movies).
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Enrico Says:

    Donal- glad to hear about your experience seeing it … as far as some of my sequences … well it’s always a little hard to tell, as all storymen work on most sequences here and there and there’s a lot of brainstorming going on at the beginning of the project especially (I was the first board artist on it back in 2001) so some ideas are sprinkled through …
    But let’s see … I did parts in the beginning where Emile and Remy find a mushroom and try to cook it … then the sequence when Remy goes to work and finds linguini asleep … stuff like that … a couple of sequences of mine ended up on the cutting floor, you might see them later in the DVD …

    blauereiter- I don’t think you’ll have to wait for long, just a few more weeks I think … :) gambatteneeee

    Nathalie- it’s coming out in October in Italy. Bit of a wait … but you know … in Italy we’re all at the beach in the summer, no point in putting films out around this time … ;)


  5. Val Says:

    Ratatouille was a real visual treat: lush detail, rich atmosphere, beautiful. My experience was similar to Donal’s — a packed theater, lots of laughter and enthusiasm. Congratulations, Enrico!

  6. silvana Says:

    I enjoyed it to the maximum! I am always surprised by what comes out of your minds! You guys always have a fan here in Canada.

  7. samacleod Says:

    Great work on the movie Enrico! Loved it!

  8. Thomas Huxley Says:

    I can’t wait to see this film in August. Looks absolutely fantastic. I’ll be sure to look out for your sequences Enrico.

  9. Clio Says:

    Enrico, Ratatouille was beyond amazing. You can feel how much the crew loved working on it. I will be seeing it many more times. Thank you.

  10. Matt Says:

    Enrico – congratulations on Ratatouille! It was the best Pixar film yet – so solid and pure story. I also will be watching it many, many times.

  11. andy Says:

    Arg! Ratatouille isn’t out for another 2 months here in Australia, the wait is gonna be torture, especially with the mounting praise for the film all over the net.
    Congrats to you Enrico and all the other guys at Pixar who worked on it, I can’t wait to see it!

  12. Lee-Roy Says:

    Hey, Enrico! I just saw Ratatouille last night and I loved it!!! Absolutely loved it. Congrats to you and the rest of the crew for all the great work! And forgive me if this has already been said, but did I detect a strong Casarosa influence on the little floating Gusteau figment? It made me think of your little characters in your strips.

  13. Enrico Says:

    Val, Silvana,Samacleod,Thomas,Clio,Matt – thanks to you all, great to hear your reactions! :)

    Andy- Well could be worse Andy, like in Italy … not out till october … well hope you can muster the patience … :)

    Lee-Roy- Eh eh, interesting point you make, but I can’t take any credit for that, that was all Brad Bird. Though I guess he probably did read my comics … I gave him copies of sketchcrawling 1 and 2 when I published them … ;)


  14. Mike Thompson Says:


  15. Ben Ettinger Says:

    Loved the film Enrico. Congrats to you and the whole crew. Cracked open the heart of a stodgy old 2d fan.