The Rabbi’s cat – the movie

I am really excited about the news of Joan Sfar adapting his wonderful book the Rabbi’s cat into an animated film! Here’s the website they just started for the movie. There’s a pdf press release with some interesting information and a nice quote by Moebius.

rabbi's cat

3 Responses to “The Rabbi’s cat – the movie”

  1. IRene Says:

    thanks for sharing. ^^

  2. wally Says:

    stay of the look for next years European animation feature ‘Brandon’
    it’s about a boy who lives amongst monks and descovers the book of Kells inside the castle
    the style is really really cool, just like the illustrations of the original book of Kells
    i saw 10min of linetests and the modelsheets, it’s partly being made here in Brussels, Belgium

    (just thought you’d like to know, this movies looks interesting too)

    ps: still craving to see the big ratatouille ;)

  3. karim Says:

    Cool art is…..5tars …;D