Two new pages + surprise

I just uploaded two more pages to the Venice Chronicles saga. Page 102 (below) happens to be a little special, since it comes with a link to the web: to what we actually saw on that screen that night. So between page 102 and page 103, you should go to this link to see it. Here for a larger size quicktime.
Read the whole comic here with Slickr gallery.


5 Responses to “Two new pages + surprise”

  1. cK Says:


    Your B-Day Movie and comics proves that Italians (not French, Japanese, Anglos) are the world’s most romantic lovers. You put to shame. :( I can just think about going to a movie and dinner as a romantic night.

    I think all of us need a tutorial Casarosa style.

    Oh the shame. (sucking my thumb)


    PS. Very creative. The music great touches

  2. Enrico Says:

    eh eh … well what can I say … it just comes natural ;) … glad you liked it cK …


  3. Nancy Says:

    Water, water, water! That was really sweet, Enrico! I’d just been thinking of how great you paint water – with all the Venice scenes and other artwork of yours… your renderings of water and reflections in water has always really stood out. And here you are as a hippo swimming in water, in love with a water lily! Water must be your element! Love the soundtrack, too. Did you edit that together, or was it already done?

  4. Enrico Says:

    Nancy- eh eh … you’re very right … water is pretty prevalent in my work uh? Watercolors after all are all about that … :)
    And I am also a Scorpio which is in fact a water sign.

    The music, thanks for reminding me to point that out, is by Takagi Masakatsu, from the album Journal for people and the track is called (surprise surprise) “Aqua”.
    It’s available on the i-tunes store! Check it out !

    I also already used one of his tunes for the Japan video I edited last year. Great evocative music …
    here’s the video

    ok, later !


  5. Enrico Says:

    Oh and to answer your question regarding the soundtrack … the water sound was in the track already, the only thing I added is the bird chirping sound …
    later Nancy !