McSweeney’s can use a hand

McSweeney‘s is having an online sale to try and salvage the unfortunate economic situation they find themselves in after their distributor filed for bankruptcy last December. Fantagraphics has done a similar thing and it seemed to have really helped. I’ve been a Dave Eggers’s fan for years, so it’s pretty easy to find something of my liking here. You shall know our velocity for example has had a big influence in my autobiographical comics. Anyway, give it a look, buy something if you can and help saving this small independent publisher !!

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  1. litpark » By Request Says:

    [...] Susan Henderson Posted June 23, 2007 at 9:14 am I figured everyone already knew about the trouble McSweeney’s is in, but I realized I should post about it here because McSweeney’s has been very good to me and they’ve published consistently great work. I’m going to let you learn how you can help from Enrico Casarosa because you all should be rea…. [...]