Here’s my contribution to the SketchTravel book. Relax, breath deeply and read …
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sketchtravel yoga

11 Responses to “YOGA!”

  1. Scott Says:

    Love this…though for some reason my back is now aching :)

    …genius work!

  2. andy Says:

    Heheh, great page Enrico!

  3. John Hoffman Says:

    That’s GREAT Enrico!

  4. cK Says:


    I will forward this post to my Yoga teachers who will get a kick of your drawing. You have to make prints for sale on this one ‘Kay


    PS. You need to breathe. :)

  5. Lexi Says:

    Love it E. I’ve been watching this project since you posted about it months ago. I love your handoff picture on the website. I’m glad you kept with your style/personality showing through. Excellent stuff. :)

  6. Gerald Says:

    That’s sooo awesome E.

  7. V Says:

    :) Love them,is really cute hehe

  8. Enrico Says:

    Scott – sorry man. X)

    Andy, John, Lexi, Gerald, V – thanks! Glad you like ir!

    cK- How about t-shirts and posters ?

    For the record … I actually really like Yoga …


  9. Calvin Says:


    now i can talk to my girlfriend about yoga.

  10. arna Says:

    Hahaha!! Hope your back feels better… maybe lay off the ‘pretzel pose’ for a day or two…? :)

  11. Enrico Says:

    Calvin- glad to hear I am helping communication … ;)

    Arna- eh eh … good advice … merci ! :)