SketchTravel book in my hands

I received yesterday the SketchTravel book from Lou Romano, as you can see. It’s quite an amazing sketchbook already filled with spectacular paintings and drawings and it’s not even half way through its travels to all the participating artists. SketchTravel is an idea by friends Dice Tsutsumi and Gerald Guerlais, the basic rule is that the sketchbook be passed by hand from artist to artist. No mail. Proceeds will go to charity, you’ll find details and all illustrations up to now at the SketchTravel site. I worked on my addition to the book last night and I am almost done with it, will post it soon for you to see. Next I am handing the red book to Ronnie!

sketchtravel hand off

4 Responses to “SketchTravel book in my hands”

  1. Paul Says:

    haa!! THis photo is soo cool!! Awesome idea for the travel sketch book =D

  2. Nancy Says:

    What a great project! It reminds me of a “Round Robin” quilt project I did once with 3 friends. Each of us made a center square. We then passed our squares on to each other. We then each added on a border to the square we were given, keeping it secret from the originator. The quilts got passed on two more times, each time building larger, and secret from the originator. We had one month to do each “round.” After the last round, we had a big unveiling party! What a trip to see my little square turned into a beautiful art quilt! Mine still hangs on my diningroom wall. It is one of my most treasured posessions.

  3. Wally Says:

    Great idea.

    Man i can’t believe you work at Pixar and get to work with these guys.. I’m crazy bout the studio.. Brad Bird is the best. really the best. Well, that’s what i think.

    What’s your job at the studio? Concept art and stuff? Preproduction art? Dunno how to call it.

    cheers! love all your new aquarels..

  4. Enrico Says:

    Paul- thanks … it was pretty fun to take the photo …

    Nancy- Nice ! That sounds like a lot of fun …

    Wally- Thanks … and I am a story artist.