More Chronicles, now from Genova!

Four new pages of Venice Chronicles comics! Read it here on chapter 3.

6 Responses to “More Chronicles, now from Genova!”

  1. Tony Says:

    Love the bumpiness on the bus! -t

  2. Man Arenas Says:

    hi Enrico,
    I was wondering what kind of paper do you use in the making of those exceptionals chronicles?…
    Could you tell me wich brand it is and the grammes per inch?

  3. Enrico Says:

    Tony- Thanks! It was interesting to draw on such a bumby little bus, it’s pretty amazing that the drawing still makes sense …

    Man Arenas- You know … I have no idea of the grammes per inch, but it’s a fabriano artist journal. Blick has it … half of the pages are white, half cream …
    It has stuck with me since a few years back when I started using it for SketchCrawls …


  4. martha Says:

    Great comics! I love the Venice and New Mexico scenery; very well captured. I wish I was there! Your pencil/watercolor mix is delightful too.

  5. Ted Says:

    Holy crap I’ve fallen behind! Thanks for keeping this storyline going Enrico. It’s a blast to read (especially when a reader has …uhm….a few pages to catch with since last checked in!) Soo good.

  6. Enrico Says:

    Martha- Thanks for the kind words.

    Ted- Eh eh, glad that a few more pages in a row than usual read well for you Ted. Sometimes I wonder if this thing is getting too long … oh well … Thanks !