How to participate?

Ok, let’s say you want to participate to the upcoming SketchCrawl fundraiser for Emergency on May 19th and 20th. Here’s a few ways you can be part of it and get some good karma back your way.

-1- Draw and raise funds – SketchCrawl with us on May 19th and try to get a few sponsors, some friends or family members, to help you raise donations.

-2- Sponsor a SketchCrawler – Make a donation, of any amount, to sponsor a friend of yours that is SketchCrawling on May 19th.

-3- Buy some art at the Benefit Auction – Come to the SketchCrawl Maverix Benefit art auction on May 20th in San Francisco and buy some art or buy a raffle ticket.

-4- Make a donation online – You can just go here and donate to Emergency directly with Paypal. Great for the lazy good doer !

There you have it, many ways to give a little something. As always one last thing you can do to help us is spread the word! Thanks.

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2 Responses to “How to participate?”

  1. john Says:

    Enrico, I just wanted to add my support and tell you of my admiration for you for doing this.

    This is slightly different from your other entries and maybe fewer people have commented on your posts for this new idea for sketchcrawl because they feel slightly out of their depth when discussing this topic or don’t want to bring up there feelings for this subject here.. but I’m sure that that silence is full of the same admiration for you and support for the idea that I am feeling.

    I put away my sketchpad four years ago – I hope to start drawing again – but I will make a donation to Emergency directly and thank you for publicising Emergency and Gino Strada in this way.

    Good luck and happy sketchcrawling,

  2. Enrico Says:

    John, many heartfelt thanks for your message. Words like yours really help and I honestly hope and think you’re right.
    Thank you for taking part in the benefit !
    take care John.