Le notti di Cabiria

Have you seen many of Federico Fellini’s films? Some of them are such gems, especially his early movies. I’ve just watched one of those precious pieces of film-making. 1957′s Nights of Cabiria. Giulietta Masina’s performance as the poor Cabiria is just breath taking, she will make you feel all warm and happy inside with just one of her looks. The mixture of sweetness, spunk and will to live that Masina gave to this character is spellbinding and make watching Cabiria’s struggles a real rollercoaster of joy and heartbreak. The criterion collection dvd for this movie is excellent: they did a much needed image restoration and added a scene that was previously cut from the film (for very strange reasons that you’ll find out in the interviews on the dvd). So don’t miss this Fellini film, rent away.

nights of cabiria

6 Responses to “Le notti di Cabiria”

  1. Neil Babra Says:

    I love this movie dearly, and I probably wouldn’t have seen it if not for the Criterion Collection DVD. It’s pure magic how they restore these films to the point where they look like they were shot yesterday, and then allow us to see them. It makes me believe in capitalism or something.

  2. Enrico Says:

    Eh eh, nice to hear you love this movie as well Neil. Most of my friends haven’t seen it, I am trying to spread the word and get them to rent it. The ones that have seen it though all adore it …
    It’s standing at the top among Fellini’s movies for me right now … but I haven’t seen a couple of them …


  3. jamie Says:

    It’ a great movie. Last year I watched some early Fellini movies in a row, starting with his first (“Variety Lights” in English) they were all super (I wrote about it here. I got as far as “La Dolce vita” but your post inspired me to do his later films as well.

  4. Enrico Says:

    Ah neat Jamie !! A Fellini marathon, very cool!!
    Let me know if you get through his later movies … and if there’s anyworth watching. The only I did see is “And the Ship sails on” and I wouldn’t recommend it … it’s very theatrical, long and quite boring …


  5. robin Says:

    hey enrico

    great to hear you loved cabiria ..it’s one of my favourites. If you have time check out ‘La Strada’ ( again with masina..) and ‘ 8 1/2′. Also, a much older one,( and i think his first solo directorial debut) ‘ i vitelloni’.

    all are available on criterion. looking forward to hear what you think?

    best regards

  6. Enrico Says:

    robin- I’ve seen both la Strada and 8 1/2 … enjoyed them throughly, though Cabiria hit close to home for me, just my favorite from Fellini …
    still have to get to i Vitelloni. It’s on my Netflix queue ! ;)