Tadahiro update

Our friend Tadahiro Uesugi just uploaded a lot of new illustrations on his webpage. Beautiful work as always, get your Tadahiro fix here.


4 Responses to “Tadahiro update”

  1. Adrian Says:

    I normally check Mr. Uesugi’s website weekly (as if it were some sort of art vaccine or miracle cure) and yet somehow I missed this update. Thanks Enrico!

  2. Md Says:

    beautiful stuff as always. One of the links mentions that he “draws everything in monochrome before converting to color” are there any examples of this technique online somewhere, or could you clarify the process???

  3. andy Says:

    Sweeeet, Tadahiro’s work is right up there among my favourites… his colour, light, composition… wow, so inspiring! It would definitely be interesting to hear about his process.

  4. Tony C. Says:

    Thanks for the tip! Tadahiro isamazing!