3 more pages

Three new pages of Venice Chronicles comics! Read it here!

6 Responses to “3 more pages”

  1. Lexi Says:

    Great stuff Enrico! I really love this project. You’re definitely racking out the pages lately! Keep it up man – it’s all quite enjoyable! :)

  2. sho Says:

    Great work Enrico !
    the new page to see page looks great too, although
    it takes a tad bit to load

  3. Tupi Says:

    Hello Enrico. (sorry my bad english)

    I am fan of your work! xD
    I present my new webcomic: http://www.mechateam.com

    Thank you ^^

  4. K.Borcz Says:

    love the new pages, beautiful. I also love the back and forth present/past sorta feel of it. Quite cool. Look forward to more pages.

  5. Paul Says:

    wooo hooo awesome updates!!

  6. Enrico Says:

    Lexi- thanks.

    Sho- Thanks for letting me know … speed is certainly an issue. I guess to a certain point if the interface is not perfect I can live with it, after all I want readers to buy this book in printed form ! That is really the right way to enjoy a comic … well … sometime soon hopefully !!

    Tupi- Nice work Tupi, thanks.

    K.Borcz- Thanks man, good to hear you like the meandering time line … sometimes it worries me

    Paul- :)