Happy belated Easter

easter eggs

5 Responses to “Happy belated Easter”

  1. cK Says:


    I hope that these eggs are hallow where the egg insides have been removed so your work of art can be preserved. If not, it would be a shame as you will need to throw it away.


  2. Paul Says:

    wow you take the cake (or eater basket) for most creative eggs!! Happy belated easter to you too Enrico

  3. K.Borcz Says:

    I love your easter eggs!

  4. Enrico Says:

    cK – You know the yellow one unfortunately was not hallow. I took photos. That’s all I could do.
    Paul and K.Borcz – Thanks!


  5. monkey Says:

    what festive easter eggs! i am truly inspired! is it too soon to start working on my easter egg designs for next year?