5 new pages

Yes, it’s becoming an usual thing … batches of five new pages at a time with the Venice Chronicles. Am I spoiling you? Well perhaps, either way you can read them from here now. Chapter 3.

10 Responses to “5 new pages”

  1. Régis Says:

    Yes! Awesome, thanks for updating the chronicles with bigger images. Much, much better.

  2. andy Says:

    More awesome pages Enrico! Looks like the shuttle trip is about to get more miserable… still, the bit with the mobile phone made me chuckle :)

  3. john Says:

    Wow! Thank you Enrico – not soppy at all, but am a little in love too.. so maybe I can’t be trusted for opinions :) Like Venice, it is wonderful to get lost in the meandering and little details of your comics. Thank you for drawing from the heart,

  4. Sandra Khoo Says:

    Amazing what Flickr can do. Wonderful depictions of your trip,Enrico. Am currently working on my own sketchjournal of my recent trip to Tokyo. But don’t think it’ll come anywhere close to yours. Wanted to add that as my entry for the recent SketchCrawl since I had to give it a miss due to the Business trip. Will update it in the SketchCrawl site as soon as I have them all ready.
    Cheers and thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful works again! :)

  5. Enrico Says:

    Regis- thanks, glad you like the tweaked gallery viewer … with help of a friend it’s now a little more customized … closer to what I want it to be …

    Andy- oh yes … :)

    John- Eh eh … Thanks so much man … kind words.

    Sandra- Yah Flickr is getting better I think … still makes me slightly nervous to have all my pages there, but hopefully it’ll be fine. Look forward to see your Japan sketches !


  6. BENGABO Says:

    Your Venice Chronicles are great. I began to read it and can’t stop. It’s very funny and now I want to go to Venice.
    I’m ready for the next Skecth Crawl =)

  7. Aldo Gagliardi Says:

    Venezia!! ( … un sospiro … )
    Complimenti, questi Venice Chronicles sono davvero divertenti!

  8. Aldo Gagliardi Says:

    …almost forgot, che carta hai usato? e’ uno sketchbook moleskine o qualcosa cosi’?? …thaks ;)

  9. Enrico Says:

    Bengabo- thanks man. And indeed May 19th let’s sketch all day!

    Aldo- Grazie. I do the Venice Chronicles on a FABRIANO artist Journal. Been working on these for a few years now. I did the first SketchCrawl on one and it’s been sticking …


  10. Aldo Gagliardi Says:

    Great! Thanks for the info Enrico ;)