A better way …

… to read the Venice Chronicles online, how can I do that? Been thinking for a while at how poorly I present my comicbook pages on this blog. They are just not very easy to read with the vertical scrolling and the annoying white background of the blog. So, thanks to a good friend pointing out to me a couple of promising plug-ins for Flick galleries we started testing today a new way of featuring the Venice Chronicles pages for better reading. This is where the experiment is at right now. Click on the Venice Chronicles Album and then click on anyone of the pages and you’ll be able to have a more focused, page by page way of reading the comics. From each page you can go to the next or the previous one or close the window. There’s a certain amount of customizing that I hope to work into this … first thing on my list is figuring out how to get the images to show up full size, right now they are too small. But right out of the box this plug in seems to me already a much better way of feauturing comics’ pages on a blog. What do you think ? Does it work for you?

Update – the size is now set to large, much better read I think.

Kudos to Rupert Morris for  Slickr Gallery and Lightbox.

5 Responses to “A better way …”

  1. Régis Says:

    Yes! This works great! Though true that bigger images would be better. In fact, this was part of the reason why I haven’t checked the Chronicles in a while (that and I figured I would wait for the published version… there will be one right?) But, just perusing through using this new plug-in definitely perks my interest again.

    Very funny and just, well, awesome!

    PS: don’t worry, this won’t stop me from buying the book, if it is in the works. :)

  2. Myke Says:

    Wonderful story! It’s incredible how you document your trip in a comic medium! Is each page planned out or intuitive? I really enjoyed the introspective breaks and felt they added a nice variety to the story. Refreshing and inspiring!

    All the Best,


  3. Tim Mcburnie Says:

    I actually like the old way better. because the pages dont fit on my screen (1050px high) I still need to do a lot of scrolling and there is more clicking now. It just seems like more work in general.
    With them all on the same page before it was just a matter of a single scroll down the page as I read, and they all load up at the same time so theres not the wait (although I know you can preload with that lightbox thing) just felt natural.
    I didn’t mind the white background either to be honest. But you can probably create a custom template for a ‘comic page’ Page in WP and change the background colors for that page only? although that might not be possible depending on what version of WP is running.

    I’ll take it anyway I can get it though ;)
    love your work!


  4. Enrico Says:

    Regis- Oh yes, this is gonna get published, one way or the other … if I can’t find a publisher I’ll just do it myself.

    Myke- Thanks man … no I don’t plan each page much, I just go for it … some of the pages though were done right then and there and some others I am doing now, months later … so it’s a strange mix … :) And now toward the second half I am doing more and more new pages …

    Tim- Ah, interesting, thanks for your input. I am asking around to also a lot of friends and such to see what the preference is … you make some good points … I think it might be nice to get rid of the animations between pages to make the upload quicker for example. thanks.


  5. Karen Says:

    I like how it reads in this format. The scrolling and lack of distinct page breaks made it a little tricky for me to read in the previous format. The size of the new format is nice!