Ratatouille Japanese Trailer

You can see the Japanese Trailer for Ratatouille here. The title over there is “Remi’s delicious Restaurant” (Remi no oishii resutoran).

3 Responses to “Ratatouille Japanese Trailer”

  1. Aldo Gagliardi Says:

    First of all, thanks for the link. I watched this trailer last week somewhere on the web, maybe youtube, but it suddenly and reasonably disappeared for copyright matters or stuff.

    Anyway (for what this might be of interest to you… ), I’d just love to share my feeling after watching it. I was getting really bored, if not upset, by all these cg animated features. I mean, I am a character animator currently working on cg, but after watching the latest Bee Movie’s trailer, re-watching Ice Age 2 and Monster House on DVD (not to mention Shrek 3′s teaser… ) I got completely weary by all those characters without shape and lines, those impersonal and anonymous sets with their nice and perfect “3-dimension-ality” and their nice shadows and bla bla bla… you know.
    But Ratatouille just kind of saved me. If cg can be as Ratatouille is, then welcome cg! …there are still good reasons worth being a “cg animator”.

    Ok, that’s it!
    Cheers ;)


  2. tanji Says:

    This is going to be great!!

  3. Enrico Says:

    Aldo – glad to hear your excited about it. Did you see the domestic trailer ? That’s pretty awesome too.

    Yoko San!! Hisashiburiiii … comment ha arigatou!! Genki? SketchTravelno hon de anatano illustrationwo mita, suggoi desho !!! Anata to Tadahiro san mo subarashi !!!

    jaa mata sugu !! Hope to see you soon !