Neat trailer – Natsu 2

This trailer for the sequel to Andalusia no Natsu looks like a lot of fun. That puddle shot is pretty sweet. More details on the movie here on

3 Responses to “Neat trailer – Natsu 2”

  1. Régis Says:

    HA! It’s funny you posted this as I have just managed to watch Andalusia no Natsu today! Thoroughly enjoyed it. For what seemed like a cute little film, there was actually much more to it. I could definitely see Kitaro Kousaka filling in some directorial duties at Ghibli in the future, though this was done at Madhouse.

  2. Aldo Gagliardi Says:

    Bellissmo. Non ero risucito a vedere Andalusia no Natsu anche se avevo letto delle recensioni. Questo sequel sembra altrettanto interesante. Ottima segnalazione! …adesso e’ solo questione di reperirli heheh ;)

    PS complimenti per tutti i tuoi lavori

  3. Enrico Says:

    Pretty weird indeed Regis ! The question is where did you find it? Feel free to email about that … :)
    I am very curious to see it, I’d have to say that I’d probably choose Kousaka over Goro …

    Aldo- si eh! Non saprei dove reperirlo neanche io, l’edizione giapponese probabilmente non ha sottotitoli … saluti !