More Chronicles

You know what I just realized? The Venice Chronicles is the longest comic I’ve ever done. Ah, interesting uh? I am at page 38 and there’s plenty more to come … Well, I’ll just keep on rolling, see what I end up with, hopefully not a long boooring comic. Three new pages at the bottom of the 3rd Chapter, here.

4 Responses to “More Chronicles”

  1. john Says:

    Don’t stop! Keep it going so we can watch the little Enrico’s e Enrica’s grow up ;) (I see them in the twinkle in your eye in the comic)

    Thanks a lot Enrico, I’m really enjoying this. You would be an exception to the rule; great artist and father.

  2. Enrico Says:

    Eh eh … kind words my friend … they put a smile on my face, many thanks.
    Glad you are enjoying these pages John …


  3. Silvina Says:

    A big kiss again…


  4. daniel Says:

    I know this place….or it seems to me.
    One year ago I draw such a scene too. But it isnĀ“t winter like yours.