Windswept clouds

Been too long since I posted some photography, so here’s a long exposure out of my window from a few months ago. Large size here.

4 Responses to “Windswept clouds”

  1. mirko Says:


  2. cK Says:


    This photo reminds me of a Kim Cogan painting. The clouds are very surreal. You have the “eye”

    BTW, you have a great view from your new digs. I know that you left your heart in New York but you are now a dude from Frisco. You have a great view from your living room.


  3. Enrico Says:

    Mirko- grazie!

    cK- Yah, I love the view from my apartment. I got my heart back from New York city a couple of years ago. ;) I love to live in SF and visit NYC. That’s the best deal.


  4. steven macleod Says:

    Amazing. Those stars are incredible! And the color…wow.