Crawl in your home !

You could call it a mini World Wide SketchCrawl, this “12th and a half draw in your home Crawl”, and it’s happening this coming weekend! No excuse with the cold weather this time! Stay cozy, make yourself some tea and draw away for however long you can! I bet we’ll find things around us in our own homes that we haven’t looked much at, this is a great time to observe our surroundings and record their state. Be it your teakettle, favorite stack of books, your messy desk, plush toy or the view from your window … whatever you want to draw will be game … and it’s gonna be wonderful to see such home details and objects from all over the world !

So join in next sunday and make this wonderful exchange without borders possible by coming to the SketchCrawl forums afterwards to share your drawings! As always please feel free to forward this message to all friends and artists you know. SketchCrawl is proudly powered by word of mouth energy … thanks to you all.

2 Responses to “Crawl in your home !”

  1. Lee-Roy Says:

    Hey Enrico! I ran into a guy on a beach in Hawaii who said he’d participated in a Sketchcrawl there. I feel like I’ve witnessed it really grow so much in the past year or more that I’ve checked out your blog, yet I still haven’t participated. Maybe this weekend. Anyway, I posted about the meeting in Hawaii and lots of sketches, to boot.

  2. Enrico Says:

    Great to hear Lee-Roy … :) … hopefully we can slowly reach more and more people around the world !