Three Trees on Litpark

Ronnie and I had a nice chat with Brian McEntee (with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with on Ice Age a few years back) regarding the Three trees make a forest book and how the whole thing came together: meeting Tadahiro, the three flowers and more. You can read it over here at Susan Henderson’s LitPark. I found myself enjoying reading this interview, I think Brian raised some very good points in his questions, such as the wish and need to see more illustration on book covers here in the States. Amen to that!
By the way I’ve had the pleasure of getting interviewed by Susan on Litpark a while back,you can read it here.

One Response to “Three Trees on Litpark”

  1. James Says:

    that interveiw was a great read Enrico! I , too, was amazed at how gentle and humble Tadahiro was when we met. thanks for provding the story.