Happy new year everybody!

Well 2006 was a wonderful year for me, I hope it was for all of you too. There’s a few things I am excited about that are coming up in 2007. One is that we’re about to finally get the Three Trees make a forest books back from the HongKong printer. Tadahiro already has copies in his hands and tells me he loves the book. So as you can imagine both Ronnie and I can’t wait to see the first copies that are on their way to us and of course we can’t wait to get the books to all of you who have preordered it, I feel confident in assuring you it’s gonna be worth the wait! So more on that next week as we get books. So, what else on the list of things to do in 07? More comics, plenty of storyboarding for Pixar, more SketchCrawling, some traveling and other fun life stuff hopefully. That’ll be about it … So, wishes for a great 2007 to all of you from me and monkey.

2 Responses to “Happy new year everybody!”

  1. Clio Says:

    Happy New Year, Enrico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and monkey, too!)

  2. Paul Says:

    aah this monkey is so cute! What’s its name?
    Happy new year!! Sounds like you have a pretty good plan for 07, can’t wait to see that book!