Monkey sees …

… Monkey do.

You’ll have to forgive me, as you can see Christmas has turned me back to the five year old Enrico. ;)

3 Responses to “Monkey sees …”

  1. cK Says:


    Are you going to work in “Chippy” into your Venice Chronicles as a Epilogue back in the States? Or better yet, I think that “Chippy” deserves his own comics.


  2. roberto Says:

    Two more name with C…. which now start to seams ‘Vitamin C’ good for all of us!!!

    Chinky or Chimpy!!

    2006 was a great year for you, have a nice 2007 start!!! Ciao Chinky!!

  3. Enrico Says:

    cK- good ideas ! This monkey is taking over my life ! ;)

    Roberto- Vitamin C is good for the new year, yes.