Monkey says …

“Merry Christmas!”. Monkey is mighty cute isn’t he? I need to find a name for him … Any suggestions?

9 Responses to “Monkey says …”

  1. darrell bbwman Says:

    name “Cinnamon”

  2. Andy Says:

    Merry Christmas to you too Enrico! Heheh, that monkey is very cool; a name? Mmm… have to think about that some more, though I’m sure you’ll come up with something appropriate. Keep us posted :)

  3. Sandra Khoo Says:

    Chicco! He looks like a Chicco to me anyways. Merry Christmax and a Happy New Year,Enrico! :)

  4. roberto gerli Says:

    BUON NATALE ENRICO e A TUTTA LA TUA FAMIGLIA IN S.F.!! per il nome Angelica suggerisce CHIRINO mentre Lornzo dice: PONCHO (poncio). A presto


  5. luca diffuse Says:


    tutto molto carino. complimenti.


  6. nancylorenz Says:

    Aww, you still get stuffed animals too? Here’s a couple ideas:

    1. ooh-ooh aah-aah
    2. Bunky-Boy


  7. Enrico Says:

    Thanks everyone ! Good names all around !! Interesting a lot of them start with a C … go figure ….
    anyway … Keep them coming !!

    Darrell – good one!

    Andy – Let me know if any name hits you … :) Merry christmas to you too.

    Sandra – thanks Sandra, Chicco is a nice name! Seasons’ greetings to you too!

    Roberto, Sara, Angelica e Lorenzo – Marit ed io vi stavamo proprio pensando ieri … tantissimi auguri ed un abbraccio a voi tutti. Quando ci venite a trovare allora? ;)

    Luca – Grazie ! Bel sito che hai anche tu! Sembri ben indaffarato! Dove vivi?

    Nancy – You know I didn’t own a stuffed animal in a long time, but the first time I saw this monkey in a store a couple of months ago I was immediately drawn to it. Santa must’ve noticed then …
    Hope you’re having great holidays !


  8. roberto gerli Says:

    Pasqua? 8 Aprile 2007! Per Ryu 10 anni! Non sarebbe male……si sentiamo nei prossimi giorni…mandami il tuo phone # via email…. ciao belli!!!

  9. Angelo Says:

    go for Choppy
    hahahaha dont ask me why hhahaha :) Thats the fist name it come up in my mind when I sow it IoI