World Wide SketchCrawl 12

You really have to come by the forums and take a look at all the drawings from around the world! There’s great sketches from Cairo, HongKong, Honolulu, Brisbane and Sapporo to name a few international “Crawl hubs”, many cities in the US too of course.
Ronnie and I met crawlers at the San Francisco Zoo. First time I visit it. The feeding of the Lions had to be the highpoint of the day, still staying with me. We were all standing 3 feet from two lions, two lionesses and two tigers, as they were happily tearing into big pieces of horse meat. Really memorable.

Overall I had a tough crawl, recovering from a cold, my throat aching, I was barely able to talk.
My idea of sketching all the crawlers was sadly undoable, especially on a day like that one: my energies running very low, I drew 12 people out of almost forty … ah well, next time!



2 Responses to “World Wide SketchCrawl 12”

  1. andrea j Says:

    Wow, I love the both groups. So full of life and charachter.

  2. Sandra Khoo Says:

    WOW! Those lucky crawlers! Beautiful renditions! Love the colors on ‘em too! Good stuff! :)