Back to Venezia …

Just uploaded two new pages of the Venice Chronicles here. To read the tale from the beginning go here.

4 Responses to “Back to Venezia …”

  1. Braga Says:

    WONDERFULL, Man… The “Waking up” is Fantastic…

  2. john Says:

    Thanks enrico, am enjoying this alot. I try and visit Venice for the Biennale and this brings back lots of wonderful feelings and memories.. and nice snot bubble too!


  3. cK Says:


    I am the same way. Of course, I DO like my COFFEE. Illy, Blue Bottle or Jamican Blue Mountain. But, sometime, I could not careless whether it is instant coffee, Folgers or Yuban. I just need my fix in the morning. I mean that they can just inject coffee as an IV in the morning just so I can wake up or sometimes I would just guzzle down like beer like your comics. You just have to time it as it is uncomfortable when you have to go pee and you are stuck in traffic. :)


  4. Ted Says:

    The sunlight rocks! So good. So inspiring. Thanks for doing these for all of us.