I love amazon japan

Lookee lookee, just got in the mail this awesome japanese release of Robert Westfall’s Blackham’s Wimpey … Miyazaki has done the cover and an awesome comic in it. So inspiring to see some new comics from him. You can purchase your copy here. ;)

Here’s a page from it …

4 Responses to “I love amazon japan”

  1. Sandra Khoo Says:

    Woo! I gotta check it out. Oh, and congrats on the success of the recent 2 trees 3 flowers exhibition. I can only drool over it at the Nucleus Gallery website. :(

  2. Kevin Richter Says:

    That’s awesome, Miyazaki HAS to be one of the greatest ever, I love his work. Wish I could get a hold of more of it though. Do you read Japanese Enrico? Just curious, as that would make such a purchase even more enjoyable, being able to read the story.

  3. cK Says:


    You know that my hobby is collecting art. I have a small sketch of Totoro from the master. But, can you imagine if you owned an original Nausicaa page or a page from the book above. I can imagine that Ghibli has a lot of janitor applicants. I would definately jump on it if there was an opening as one man’s trash is one man’s treasure.


  4. Enrico Says:

    Sandra- thanks !! Sorry you can’t make it in person …

    Kevin- No I can’t read much japanese, I can speak a bit … and read hiragana and katakana but Kanji is quite the barrier … and yes I sure wish I could read all these books … I have so many …

    cK- eh eh … good luck applying Charles!