A whirlwind of a weekend

So … wow … the whole weekend is still a blur, but we sure had a great time at Nucleus Gallery on saturday for the 3 trees and 3 flowers opening. Thanks to all of you who were able to stop by. I really hope you loved the artwork as much as I did. Please leave a message with your feedback if you came to the show, I am curious to hear your thoughts. I was personally blown away by all the stuff on the walls: Sasai Ikko, Wako Takayama and Yoko Tanji’s pieces were soooo amazingly rich and inspiring! And Tadahiro’s new works completely blew me away as well … he never fails to do so it seems. It was great to see some San Francisco scapes, result of his visit here last year. So … if you’re the LA area and missed the show, run over there now ! It’s up for the rest of the month I believe. For those of you less fortunate, Ben from Nucleus tells me the show will be up on the website very soon. Will let you know when that happens. By the way, a couple of Tadahiro’s originals are still available there! Quite the steal … oh and we signed a bunch of posters too, so if you want to preorder our upcoming book “3 trees make a forest” go to or just call Nucleus, you will get a free poster with the order. Aaaand here’s a photo-collage mostly from saturday as we were getting ready for the show!
Large size collages here and here.

From the top left to right: Tadahiro flying, Yoko Tanji emailing, Ronnie drawing on post-its, Tadahiro descending stairs, the 3 flowers: Sasai San, Wako San and Yoko San, some of my pieces, some of Yoko’s pieces, 2 of Tadahiro’s original watercolors, Sasai taking a photo of Wako, Ronnie and Yoko!

Sasai San’s and Wako San’s pieces, a San Francisco tram from Tadahiro, Wako’s and Sasai’s wall, Tadahiro new pieces and Ronnie drawing away on Post-its.

Update: check Ronnie’s retelling of the show here and a nice and extensive photos gallery here.

8 Responses to “A whirlwind of a weekend”

  1. Régis Says:

    Hi Enrico,

    Congratulations again for such a great show! I loved every minute and every piece there. Grabbed a couple of pieces, one from Sasai-san and one from Wako-san – I wish I could’ve grabbed more! They both seemed like very nice people, and I wish my knowledge of Japanese allowed me to talk to them more. I will definitely have to stop by again (much like last year) before the exhibit closes; I just couldn’t get it all in, and even if I did, I couldn’t wait to see it again.

    To all the trees and flowers, thank you for your art!


  2. pbcbstudios Says:

    best show i’ve ever seen at nucleus.

    all the work was amazing.

    the demo/lecture with tadahiro on sunday was amazing too.

  3. Lexi Says:

    This show was amazing – well worth the trip from New York! I was stunned by the variety of work displayed. I absolutely loved Yoko Tanji’s work – it was incredible. I had set some funds aside just for this show and was able to grab pieces from Tadahiro, Ronnie, Yoko, as well as one of your’s. It took a while to decide what to get because everything really was incredible! I really like the variety shown at the gallery – I think that’s one of the best things a show can do. Oh man, and getting 6 incredible artists together makes it better. Case in point: the show was stunning. :) Hope to see another show next year!

  4. todd Says:

    Sounds sweet, wish i could have been there but thanks for sharing it with us through this awesome blog.

  5. cK Says:


    I really like “Looking Up” and Your Knee” It has nice composition, color, unique body positioning. I wish that I could have made the trek. I was actually considering taking off in the early morning then coming home on the same day. Oh well. Did you display your dancing composition pieces. It was great seeing that Uesugi-san had pieces of local SF-Bay Area flavor.

    Take care. Looking forward to checking out the book.


  6. Mr. Scribbles Says:

    I really wish I could have made the show. It sounds like it was great. I love all of your guys’ work, and if I get another oppurtunity to check it out, I definitely won’t miss it.

  7. Enrico Says:

    Regis- Nice, glad to hear you enjoyed it and that you got some nice prints out of it! Let me know what you think visiting the second time around … ;)

    bpcbstudios- Great to hear, excellent !

    Lexi- it was great to meet you Lexi!! We are so stoked you travelled that far for the show, amazing! I am very happy to hear you loved the work’s variety … I feel the same … next year ? We’ll see …

    Todd- you’re welcome Todd … and soon Nucleus site should have all the artwork up … so browsing that willl hopefully feel a little bit like visiting the gallery …

    cK- Glad you like those Charles … yah, too bad you couldn’t make it … but it is a trek, I can’t blame you … we really need to do some shows up here in SF too … a little closer … many friends couldn’t make it down to LA this time. Oh and I ended up not displaying my dance calligraphy pages … some other time hopefully …

    Mr Scribble- thanks !


  8. Lee-Roy Says:

    I’m in L.A.! I was out of town and ignorant, so I missed the opening. I would like to check it out, though. Will give you feedback when I get the chance.

    Cool photo collage, by the way.