Some mobile blogging from the day …

During the signing …

One of Tadahiro’s new mindblowing pieces.

Wako San putting stickers under her beautiful pieces …

Yoko sporting her 3 trees 3 flowers shirt … in front of her artwork …. What amazing artwork.

3 Responses to “Some mobile blogging from the day …”

  1. Chris Battle Says:

    Awesome show; Was cool meeting you. Love Sketchcrawling Vol. 2! Now I gotta craving for some BOSS canned coffee….

  2. john Says:

    Is that a copy of the three trees book about to be picked up?

    hope all went super and look forward to reading all about it, when you’ve caught your breath!


  3. Enrico Says:

    Chris- thanks ! Nice meeting you too !! glad you enjoyed the book.

    John-that’s the mock up for the book … to give an idea to people of what they’re actually preordering … the actual books we might have to wait another month or two for … :(
    ah well, we need patience on this one …