On the road again

Here we are again … heading south … lots of traffic … :(
Expect some photos and mobile blogging tomorrow as we get ready for the artshow.

2 Responses to “On the road again”

  1. Jinnie Says:

    I’m flying out there tomorrow for the show (I regretted so much last year), and I just can’t describe how much I am looking forward to it. Hope you have a safe trip, best wishes for the show, and thanks for all the updates. And I love For the Birds! Where can I get one of those? ^^;;

  2. Alina Says:

    Erinco … do they still sell this Pixar birdy stuff animal over there? I am trying to get one those for a very very long time … :P My friend told me they buy one of the last bunchs off the shelf years ago … wonder whether there has been re-released of the toy … ?! :P