The three flowers …

I can’t wait to see all the amazing works from Yoko Tanji, Icco Sasai and Wakako Katayama grazing the walls of Gallery Nucleus. You’re in for such a great treat this saturday … for those of you who can’t make it to the show, you’ll still be able to see their work online soon after the opening. I’ll let you know details once the show is uploaded on the Gallery Nucleus website.

6 Responses to “The three flowers …”

  1. Thorsten Says:

    These are so wonderful in this time of the year!

    I am already looking forward to seeing more of 3Flowers at nucleus-online!

    Thanks for noting.


  2. Chris Chua Says:

    beautiful..I wish I could make it! Keep up the great work guys!

  3. john Says:

    wish i could see the sparks when these are placed on the wall with all yours, ronnie’s and tadahiro’s work too.. lots of luck

  4. Paul Says:

    WOW. these are AMAZING!!!

  5. Régis Says:

    I found Icco Sasai’s website years ago and was mesmerized. Somehow I never got around to saving her 100 works, and now I regret it, since she took it down. From her “works” page it’s interesting to note that she is a background designer on Kemonozume (if my Japanese serves me right.) Of course, Tanji and Takayama have such beautiful and unique styles and voices – I’m really lookinng forward to seeing it all BIG!

    Best wishes for the show on Saturday.

    – See you there!

    PS: Kemonozume rocks! ;P

  6. Angelo Libutti Says:

    Whoww I wish I could be there..
    All this art work is just ammasing.. Is like be a Louvre in Paris… afther 5 min you need to go out cause it gives you an headache to look all that nice art work all together :)