Yay, we have a cover!

Amazon has been updated with the cover of our book. Yay. Preorder yours today ! :)

4 Responses to “Yay, we have a cover!”

  1. Susan Henderson Says:

    Wow, that cover’s GORGEOUS!

  2. cK Says:


    It is a beautiful cover by Uesugi-san but I was hoping that cover would have had all 3 artists represented like a fold out cover. Since the book would not make gallery opening, any chances that Uesugi-san can come out for WonderCon or APE? (San Diego is too crazy and too much hassle). Also, I noticed that “Noble Boys – Shank, Morse, Romano, Nierva” are also publishing a book so it would be great to have booth of “3 Trees- Myth War” showing.



  3. Enrico Says:

    Thanks Susan, I like it a lot too …

    cK- a fold out cover would’ve been nice (alas probably expensive to make) … we settled for this nice cover after a few tries on fitting 3 images on it … the design was suffering, so we put three images on the back cover and let one of Tadahiro’s pieces shine in front … we’re pretty happy with it … there’s even trees on it … :)
    As far as Tadahiro coming around later next year … well I am really not sure … it’s a bit of hike for him … but you never know.
    As far as the noble boys (good name btw) I am pretty excited for their book … going to be pretty amazing … and I think they might end up having a show at Nucleus as well !! :)


  4. Sarah Says:

    Great cover. I can’t wait to get the book. Going to Amazon now!