Big update

We’ve been swamped – and still are – trying to get ready for the “3 trees and 3 flowers” exhibition at Nucleus. It’s in less than two weeks now!

I am pretty excited about this event. All six of us: Tadahiro Uesugi, Ronnie del Carmen, Yoko Tanji, Icco Sasai, Wakako Kakayama and I will be attending the night of the opening. I can’t wait to see all the works together. I am so honored to be one of the reason you will get to see these three ladies’ work. When I met them last february in Tokyo the idea of an artshow in the US came to mind almost immediately but I never dreamed we’d be able to pull it off so quickly. Here we are barely nine months later and we are having an exhibition, many thanks go to Ben Zhu at Nucleus. Just to clarify by the way, we want this exhibition to feature prominently our three new friends, so we are hopefully gonna have the gallery floor mostly for Yoko, Icco and Wakako’s work. That of course doesn’t mean you’re not gonna get a chance to see, drool over and buy some of Tadahiro’s latest work. In fact he told me he’s made some new pieces in traditional media for this show and that’s pretty darn exciting. In the meanwhile Ronnie and I have been struggling to find some time to do some new pieces of our own, our day job here has been busy and it’s getting busier by the day with a looming deadline over us. But we’re hanging in there and I am almost done with my pieces. I’ll be sure to give you a peek at a couple before the show.

3 trees book update – We really wanted to have the “3 trees make a forest” book printed and ready for a launch and signing coinciding with the artshow, but alas we couldn’t make it in time. The book is designed and ready, we’re happy and excited about it, but it’s gonna take a little more time to get it printed and bounded. It’s a bit of bummer, it doesn’t happen every day to get Tadahiro around here to have a signing. BUT – we want to make up for that, so we have a plan B: we are printing one hundred posters, a limited run, and each one of you who pre-orders the art-book at Nucleus Gallery will get this free special poster, which we all three will be sure to sign for you on the night of the 4th. We are also going to have a mock up of the book for you to browse. So the first one hundred pre-orders get the free signed posters. Better go to Nucleus today and sign up for one of those … ;)
On top of that we also just designed some 3trees3flowers shirts, which we’ll have fresh out of our printers for the night of the show.

So as you can imagine I’ve had no time to finish more pages from the Venice Chronicles, you’ll have to wait a little longer for that, but I will get back to it asap, there’s so much more of that I want to share …

So that’s it … phew, that’s quite the update … anyway, hope to see many of you at Nucleus, if you’re in the Los Angeles area please spread the word about the event, it’s gonna be quite the night! See you there

6 Responses to “Big update”

  1. cK Says:

    Hey Enrico,

    It would be fun to make the trek down to LA to make the show but it is becoming unlikely due to responsibilities of new job. I sent you an email offline but it looks like you are extremely busy. I understand.

    For those in the LA area, I went to 3 Trees Show last year. It was amazing art show. All three artist had their own unique vision and composition but it all blended together. It was definately happening and I am sure that 3 Trees and 3 Flowers will be equally great.



  2. Thorsten Says:

    Good luck and a lot of nice enjoying friends around you!

  3. Enrico Says:

    cK- too bad you can’t make it Charles … thanks for the nice words ! :)

    Thorsten – thank you !


  4. Sarah Says:

    Best of look with the show. I love your work.

  5. oliviermr Says:

    je decouvre le blog, j’aime beaucoup la variete du travail presenter. Bonne continuation.

  6. Enrico Says:

    Sarah – thanks so much !

    Oliviermr- merci beaucoup ! Je suis heureux que vous ayez apprecie’ mon blog … merci !