Some New York …

A few shots I took last week in NYC.




4 Responses to “Some New York …”

  1. Mr. Scribbles Says:

    Nice pics Enrico! I love the tile wall!

  2. Angelo Libutti Says:

    Lovely like always Enrico… One question for you my friend.
    I was thinking to buy a new camera and I always love, what you doing with your picture, and it is …when you focus to one object and you live everything else blur. Well are you using a digital camera or not? Cause for what I am understanding the digital cameras doesn’t have that option or better is not as good as the traditional cameras. Is that true? What you are using?
    Thank you my friend. I will post soon some Pics of Rome. Thank you so much for give back to me and made me see my own country with different eyes and appreciate things I was giving for granted. It took me to live it and meet (figurative) and artist like you for understand it.

  3. Enrico Says:

    Mr Scribbles- thanks !

    Angelo- glad to hear you had a great time in Rome. As far as camera goes, I have a Canon Rebel digital SLR, I have a few lenses for it … I am awful at remembering lens numbers range … one is a fish eye wide angle, one is a nice zoom and I also have a more regular lens …
    Not sure how familiar you are with some photography stuff …. shallow depth of focus is given by several factors but in this case mostly by Aperture and F/stop setting … higher aperture numbers and lower F-stops give you shallower depth of field … a smaller area in focus and the rest of the picture blurry …

    you can find an in depth explanation here:
    the photos in it will make it more clear than my explanation I am sure …

    the basic idea is lower f-stop = shallower depth of field …
    this all of course makes sense only if you have a camera where you can go manual and change these settings …


  4. Angelo Libutti Says:

    Whooww Thank you so much Enrico :)

    The only thing I learn this year doing 3D Layout for the movie “Everyone’s Hero” ( I thought to give it a try after I finished the storyboards for it) from Jan Carlee, Lay-out director, told me that for Close-Up we need to use lens from 75 to 100, for avoid distortion. And he was mentioning that in the “60′s” (more for woman close up’s) they were using the 100m lens for avoid any distortion and keep them as beautiful as they were.
    Then he told me that for predominant shots it is better use lens from 50 to 10 for receive the illusion that they are bigger on the screen. And the opposite 50 to 100 ( 75 due it for most of the time) for equal conversation.
    For sure you know already this stuff :)
    Thank you again my friend