Page 10

Finished page 10 of the Venice Chronicles. Read it all here.

8 Responses to “Page 10”

  1. john Says:

    Always enjoy reading your comics.. your girlfriend’s father isn’t Francesco Da Mosto by any chance? :)

    very best


  2. jenny Says:

    wow, hi enrico. i somehow stumbled on this site a few days ago, and have been happily swimming through all the marvels to be found within, ever since! your comics are so especially sweet, you achieve this spontanious matter-of-fact-ness that i can only hope to ever acheive in my own art.
    your blog is really fun too, i’m glad i’ve discovered you! please keep making your comic journals!
    (victoria, bc)

  3. Angelo Libutti Says:

    Hello Enrico,
    I will be going to Italy, Rome for 2 weeks, and hope to bring some good cafe drawing from there and some nice bg and pics… Please let me know if you need any thing from there..I will give it to Silvia (layout department) and she could give it to you.
    I will love to have some of your feed back from my water colour and cafe drawing that I posted on my blog :
    And thank you for what you been doing, organizing this drawing days in SF and pushing that passion for art to thouse people. You are the Man!!!.

  4. Enrico Says:

    John- Ah, no he isn’t. But how did you come up with that guess ??? Curious … :)

    Jenny- thanks so much for your kind words !!! I appreciate … though I have a big head now … :) I like your music, listened to a couple of tracks … you’re a talented lady ! I picked up a guitar last month … trying to teach myself a little … I am terrible but I am enjoying it … there’s something zen about it … I find it very relaxing … I am sure i am the only one as it must be hard to listen to me torturing that guitar … eh eh …
    anyway, thanks for the encouragement … really helps !

    Angelo- Nice! Have a great trip Angelo … Silvia? I am confused, Layout department at Pixar ?
    The watercolors on your blog look great … I capturing character .. that’s great ! I think you’re gonna have a great time in Rome doing more of those !


  5. Angelo Libutti Says:

    Really?? Thank you Enrico, it’s an honor to receive a compliment like that from you. Do you have any suggestions to improve it?
    About Sylvia, yes she is my best friend and she works at Pixar with you there, but in the Layout department. She is like my sister, I’m sure that you’ve seen her around since she has been working there for more than 6 years. Do you want or need something from the motherland? I will be there and I can pick it up for you if you want. I’ll send it to Sylvia and she can give it to you..
    About Rome, well I hope so. It will take a few days for me to prepare and go to my sister’s wedding. I hope to have a couple of days to go and draw people or scenarios around Rome.
    Grazie tante, fammi sapere dove posso comprare i tuoi fumetti, tu sei l`unico that merged in the perfect way lo stile giapponese con quello americano…

  6. Angelo Libutti Says:

    Hope this time I explained my self a bit more clearly..sorry :) I speak and go to Italy too often and sometime my English is a bit broken :)

  7. Enrico Says:

    Ah, suggestions … well, you’re doing great … good things to do after you feel comfortable with your approach is changing it up a bit … try a different medium or a different way of drawing … scribble … or just use a pen …
    Once you figured your fastball, a change up is always good … ;)
    Ah, can’t think of anything right now as far as stuff from Italy, but thanks for the offer …
    I don’t know Sylvia, at least I don’t think so … I’ll look her up …
    and thanks for the compliments !
    As far as buying Sketchcrawling volume 1 and 2, here’s a link:

    ok, take care !


  8. Druie Says:

    Hey Enrico! These are great! Rock on!!!

    I could tell your storytelling is really quite strong!! =D The bookstore came by my school today and I saw your book for sale! It’s so jokes and inspiring.

    keep it up