Are you ready for tomorrow?

Wow, I am excited about this SketchCrawl … I put a little more energy in organizing and spreading the word this time around and honestly I was curious to see if it’d actually make a difference. Well, sure seems like it did: still many entries are coming in at the forums but already we have artists crawling in around 50 locations around the globe in at least 15 different countries ! That is fantastic. Many thanks to you all that helped spread the word about Drawing marathon number 11! This is indeed a word of mouth thing and can’t be done any other way, so here’s to all of you crawling around the globe tomorrow … we’ll be all connected by pen and paper!

And here’s sketch one from the first World Wide SketchCrawl. Almost 2 years ago. I was in Kyoto, Japan.

One Response to “Are you ready for tomorrow?”

  1. Angelo Libutti Says:

    You are always next level Enrico…IoI
    I feel to be there , nice mood…it reminds me of an house I sow when I was in Japan…By then there was no snow, but it really look like the same place. There was this strange rock at the centre of the path…For how strange it look like I never question just belong there.
    P.S. hope when you have time if you can give me some suggestion to my work on my blog: