Interview on Iconic podcast …

If you want to hear my painfully raspy and mumbly voice, for around 30 minutes … I have no idea why you would, but if you did, you can go here at Many thanks to Eric for a fun interview. I enjoyed chatting with him, but man, I really need to take a class in diction.

5 Responses to “Interview on Iconic podcast …”

  1. Gerald Says:

    Nice enrico, I’ll listen to the audio when I get home. Congrats.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Painfully raspy and mumbly voice??? Nah….very nice interview. You are truly an inspiration :)

  3. Régis Says:

    Great, great interview! I can definitely relate to growing up watching Japanese animation, since I grew up in Brazil in the 80′s and 90′s, and much like you described in Italy, there were many shows on Brazilian tv that were probably not broadcast here in the US (Zillion comes to mind as an obscure one over here.) I’ve also found fascinating how you started out in fashion illustration – (a friend of mine started in fashion illustration as well and is now a story artist.) Listening to you talk about Sketchcrawl really makes me inspired to continue “crawling.” Thanks for the link and for the great insights!

  4. Enrico Says:

    Gerald- thanks

    Stephanie- thanks … glad you enjoyed it … my voice seems to get better after the super mumbly beginning … ;)

    Regis- Yah I remember you mentioning that about growing up in Brazil … cool.
    As far as fashion illustration goes … while I wasn’t there really by calling (but because I needed a state funded school – as in not crazy expensive like SVA) it ended up being a great experience …
    Fashion illustration has a ton of movement as a basis … it totally goes hand in hand with more animation oriented approaches … like gesture drawing …
    That school gave me a love for figure drawing, gesture and movement that is still with me … so yes, I am not surprised of some animation and story talent coming from that background …
    Anyway … glad you found it inspiring regarding SketchCrawling …
    later !


  5. aoi Says:

    Every Italian kid have been influenced by Japanese animation in some way, that’s for sure! ^_^ Interesting to know the story behind SketchCrawl!