Painting with the camera …

more like playing with the camera … not quite painting … but nevertheless I like the results of these little experiments I made in Venice. The colors, the little details in focus … I am curious to see what you think of it.
Large sizes here: photo1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

12 Responses to “Painting with the camera …”

  1. Bonny Says:

    Hi Enrico;

    I like how you played around with the camera. Especially photos numbers 2 and 5: they have an almost impressionistic feel to them.
    Really nice!


  2. aoi Says:

    I think you portraied perfectly the feeling of a rainy day in Venice!

  3. cK Says:


    I like these photos. It is a stark departure from your previous work. Lots of movement. The choice of colors are very different and unique. I would like to see paintings inspired by these photos. I can’t imagine with watercolor rather pastels or go crazy with generous amount of thick oil brushes.


  4. Gipi Says:

    Caro Enrico, grazie delle buone cose che mi hai scritto. Ti ho mandato una mail che mi è tornata a casa.
    Queste due righe sono solo per un brevissimo ringraziamento, un apprezzamento al tuo lavoro e la promessa che proverò a reinviare la lettera :)

  5. Gerald Says:

    Yeah, they look like oil paintings! Sort of like conceptual work.

  6. silvana Says:

    Love the pictures! # 2,3 and 5 remind me of Monet’s paintings…or is it Manet? My art history knowledge is shameful…

  7. amelia Says:

    Great photos Enrico! I just came back from the SF exploratorium and got the urge to do SketchCrawl again…any thoughts on when the next one will be? : )

  8. amelia Says:

    …I have a few friends who are dying to come to the next one…

  9. Enrico Says:

    Bonny, Aoi, Gerald, Silvana – thanks, glad you like them !

    ck- I felt the same about these, they could be interesting starting points for paintings … but I’d also like to print these big and see what they look like … they might stand on their own …

    Gipi- grazie per il messaggio Gianni, strano che la mia email al lavoro non funzioni, prova comunque questo indirizzo se ti capita di aver tempo di rimandare … grazie e tanti saluti.

    Amelia- You know I really have to figure out a date … Ronnie is coming back from a vacation today I think but he’s leaving in a few days for a research trip … maybe sometime mid to end of september could work …


  10. don shank Says:

    these are amazing. do more! :-D

  11. Enrico Says:

    Thanks Don, glad you like them, I definitely want to try and take more of these kind of photos … might have to wait for the rainy season to start in SF though … :)


  12. Stan Says:

    No. 1 is perfect…look at those colors!