Baci dalla Provincia

Kisses from the province is an amazing blog by GP, aka Gianni Pacinotti, an italian comic author whose pages’ layouts and watercolors will blow you away, warning, highly highly inspiring! I am also very lucky to have in my hands one of his previous books: The innocents, by Fantagraphics and Coconino Press. Beautiful beautiful work … Grazie per l’inspirazione Gianni!
Link via Drawn!

update: a nice and lengthy interview with GIPI here at Neurocomix, it’s in italian only unfortunately, but you can still see many neat photos and sketches.

3 Responses to “Baci dalla Provincia”

  1. Gerald Says:

    Great stuff…His work space is cool. I hope to one day have a workspace set up facing out a window.

    You two should totally collaborate on something. The style and coloring would go hand in hand.

  2. Enrico Says:

    Indeed, a nice little house in the country … looks nice uh?
    Collaboration ? Eh … not sure about that one, he’s a bit of a new star of the italian comic scene … not quite my league … :)
    can’t wait for this next book of his to be out though …


  3. faridz Says:

    you both have the same sketchy miyazaki does