New banners

Made a few new top banners from latest photos of Venice … and as I was looking through all the header images I’ve made in the last couple of years I realized how much I like the format. Cropping photos this way has really made me appreciate them more. I would love to make a photography book of all the banners I made … anyone out there wants to publish it ? ;)

3 Responses to “New banners”

  1. erik Says:

    Hey Enrico, I am a regular lurker on your site and fan… Anyways you might want to check out if your interested in self publishing…. All the Best,

  2. Enrico Says:

    Hi Erik, thanks for your suggestion, I’ve heard of, a cafepress of sorts but for books only right ? Print on the demand ….
    Well, I am curious to hear from any of you who have had any experiences with them, but I am a little sketptical of the format … direct distribution I guess …
    The quality issue, especially for a photography book would also be in the forefront in my mind …

    Distribution is the key to all this it seems to me, this might be worth a whole post rant, but self publishing would be great, if only one could get easy, decent distribution …

    ah well … dreaming …


  3. Gerald Says:

    Man, good luck with finding a publisher for your header shots. You’re definitely right about the size and shape that gives a photo…a different feel. I’ve been playing around with this format for awhile too (learned from you) and it’s almost like a storyboard by the way it’s cropped. It gives the audience direction of what your were trying to capture in the photo, instead of hoping they will see the same thing you saw when snapping the photo at that moment. Very cool.