Don the man Shank

Co-worker and artist extraordinaire Don Shank has been posting some wonderful watercolors on his blog. He recently got himself a Fabriano Sketchbook, like the ones we use for SketchCrawl and he sure is having a good time with it!

4 Responses to “Don the man Shank”

  1. John Juan Says:

    Yeah I was looking at Don’s blog last night. Great observations lol

  2. Lee-Roy Says:

    Those are great! Thanks. By the way, just returned to watercolors after quite a while and tried the water brush pen for the first time yesterday. Very cool!

  3. Paul Says:

    nice!! thanks for sharing :D

  4. william Bradford Says:

    You have some really nice photography and paintings on your site.

    Thanks for the link to the hero story. From what I can make out it looks kind of like a japanese verision of the neverending story. Could be very nice. A lot of my fellow animators have a huge pejorative towards anime, but I find it has it’s redeeming values.

    Anyway, amazing stuff and I hope to work as hard as some of you verterens some day.