I am back …

Back to San Fran after an amazing vacation in Venice and Genoa. I have a ton of photos and some sketches to show you … Even did a small sketchcrawl there. Now the hard part is getting back to regular life and work …

7 Responses to “I am back …”

  1. amelia Says:

    Welcome back Enrico! Can’t wait to see some of your sketchcrawl drawings.


  2. cK Says:


    Meez got 3 sake bottles that are full and very drinkable. Weez got together soon 2 drink it. BTW, I went to Maverix’s De-Con-Pression Party. It was a blast. Post the pictures soon.


  3. aoi Says:

    I would also have avoided San Marco square to sketch as you said in your previous post, there are so many pitoresque and calm spots around the city! I will wait to see more sketches and see whether I recognize the places, hehe! ^_^

  4. andy Says:

    Hey Enrico welcome back! I’m hoping to make a trip to Italy later this year, it sounds fantastic :) I look forward to seeing more photos and sketches!

  5. Enrico Says:

    Amelia- thanks … will post some asap !

    cK- Glad you had a good time at Maverix, I missed out on that party … Sake sounds good … but Ronnie will be gone most of the coming month …. maybe after that …

    aoi- yah, no need for San Marco to be drawing in Venice … every calle, every corner …

    andy- great, I am sure you’ll have a great time … and gain a few happy pounds …


  6. Karen Says:

    More drawings please!

  7. Toby Says:

    hey enrico

    tutto a posto???? long time ago visit your blog.
    my italia vacanza was great too. 3 weeks in gargano with my girl and her family. italy is a great county of very nice peoples, food and landscape. i really love it. may be someday i will vivo there per siempre. forse?????