The Con and the books …

So, comic-con … yes, well the weekend was a lot of fun and even with the Con’s madness, which I’ll admit I am getting a little tired of, it’s still a pleasure to be down to San Diego once a year. The best part is still meeting and hanging out with all the friends Ronnie and I made in the last four years or so: there’s really too many to mention … so I won’t try, but on top of all those new pals I also got to hang out with great old friends of mine from Blue Sky Studios days in NYC, friends like Dice Tsutsumi, Nash Dunnigan and Mike Knapp, who all came to promote their brand new beautiful book: Out of picture. The Convention itself, well, Ronnie and I have had tables or booths for 4 years in a row so I am pretty positive it was a good idea to take a break this year. Even the two and a half days we ended up being there felt rather long and tiring, I wouldn’t have had the stamina for the whole thing this year, in the future we’ll see … but conventions like APE come to my mind as much more aptly sized and closer to my feel and taste when it comes to comics and art. Less video games, movies and media more off the beaten track, handmade, little artifacts kind of books. I know some of you are with me on this one …
Many thanks to Kazu and everyone at Flight Comics for putting me up for a few hours on Friday and Saturday at the their Booth. Also the signing at StuarNgBooks was a lot of fun, he is always a gracious host.
The books … yes, I sold and signed a bunch at the con and hope that those of you who purchased it enjoyed the read. So, for the many of you who couldn’t buy one yet, the new SketchCrawling Vol 2 is available for purchase on the internet at Stuart Ng Books. Please purchase your copy and help me make more of these comics. I enjoy making these a lot, in fact I am making a new “Unabashed comic” right now (more about that later) … but I can’t seem to keep up with the mailing books around chores anymore, so Stuart has come to the help with internet sales.

Ok, next … Europe … Italy … writing this from there right now … will give you details asap!

8 Responses to “The Con and the books …”

  1. Seo Contestant Says:

    Waiting for details from Italy :P

  2. Alan Says:

    Good to meet ya officially at the Con. I like Sketch Crawling vol 1. I especially enjoyed the “24 hour comic” in particular. Very cool!

  3. Floyd Norman Says:

    Sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you at the con this year although I did see you and Ronnie signing at Stuart’s booth.

    I especially love your SketchCrawl books. The con wouldn’t be the con without them. I look forward to them every year.

  4. Alina Says:

    Hi Enrico,

    It’s great to finally meet you and Ronnie in person, after all this time I can only admire your artworks in the galleries and on-line. And thank you very much for your drawing in my sketchbook. Best of luck with your new book!! Looking forward to it!!



  5. Naomi Says:

    I really enjoyed reading your coffee review and the night at the italian ferry. The narrative is great, as are the visuals :) I bought all three Flight Volumes and was delighted to see your work there as well :D Cheers. Maybe someday I’ll be able *cha-ching!* to go to Comicon, must be awesome.

  6. Paul Says:

    Ronnie and you definetley deserved a brake this year, just getting to browse around. I was at an art program at Pratt in Brooklyn during the con so I missed the comic madness

  7. louie del carmen Says:

    Sketchcrawlin’ 2 was a joy so congratulations Enrico. Enjoy Europe and post some pictures!

  8. aoi Says:

    Enjoy Italy! I think you found it full of national pride and Italian flags! ^_^