Ahh good old comic-con ….

7 Responses to “Ahh good old comic-con ….”

  1. cK Says:

    Hey E-Kun,

    Keep up with the postings of the Con since I cannot make it. Say hello to Dice and Ronnie as well as Stuart.

    Have fun.


  2. Enrico Says:

    Hey Charles, just got back … sorry about not posting more photos … ended up distracted …
    the Con was tiring but fun, great to see good old friends from Blue Sky like Dice, Nash Dunnigan and Mike Knapp … their Out of Picture book is really great.

    Talk to you later !


  3. Gerald Says:

    Haha…I saw him on G4 “Comic-Con” Special. Hilarious.

  4. Régis Says:

    Hi Enrico,

    Too bad I missed your signings at Stuart NG’s. I picked up a copy of Sketchcrawling 2 there on Sunday but didn’t see you there. Well, I just wanna say how funny these little books are. Sketchcrawling 2 is just a pleasure to read and your unabashed caricatures and storytelling really make my day. It was great to see you again though I didn’t get a chance to chat much. Well, perhaps in the next Sketchcrawl…

    Congratulations on yet another great volume of Sketchcrawlings.


  5. Karen Says:

    I’ve seen the Elvis stormtrooper at Wondercon too! He’s such a ham!

  6. Clio Says:

    Haha, there’s always a never-ending supply of these guys! Comic-con looked like so much fun, I’m sorry I missed out on this year!

  7. Sandra Khoo Says:

    Hahaha,hilarious pic! Thanx for sharing that. Everyone seems to be slowly getting back into gear after the CC. I’m enjoying myself,hehe, perusing thru each person’s blog and viewing their takes on how it turned out,especially looking at all the photos they had. So far Kazu Kibuishi’s and Jeff Smith’s are the most updated. Hope to see more. ;)