Waiting for the books

Man, they shipped me the printed books via fedex ground and it’s taking forever, I might get the books as late as next thursday, which means I am gonna have to carry them myself to San Diego on friday … dang. Ah well, what can you do … in the meanwhile here’s a page I did for the book, an introduction for the Canned Coffee review.


6 Responses to “Waiting for the books”

  1. John Hoffman Says:

    Hey Enrico,

    Looks cool. I’m looking forward to the new book. Are you setting up shop at the Flight booth this year?

    See ya at SDCC!!!


  2. Enrico Says:

    I’ll be there with Kazu and company on Friday and part of saturday yes … see you there !

  3. Dan Says:

    Hey Enrico, wishing you good luck at the con. Great looking page you posted. Don’t hurt yourself carrying all those books. ;)

  4. Victor Roa Says:

    hee hee, I LOVE Canned coffee, finally a comic made for me

  5. Enrico Says:

    Dan- thanks … I survived the con … :)

    Victor- good ! :)


  6. Angelo Libutti Says:

    I really love this style Enrico.